How counselling helps


Counselling may help with…

  • Problems or concerns about your relationship at home or at work
  • Emotional problems / panic attacks / feelings of being out of control
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety or confusion
  • Confidence and self esteem issues
  • Physical problems with no clear physical cause
  • Finding there is no meaning to life
  • Fear of loneliness and isolation
  • Eating problems
  • Suffering from trauma or abuse and its impact on your life and relationships
  • Loss and bereavement

Integrative counselling recognises the inherent differences of every individual and involves considering many different aspects of human experience within a therapeutic relationship.  There is an underlying aim of working towards wholeness and a wider understanding of the self that brings with it a greater freedom and flexibility to engage with the world and those around us.

My style of working respects every individual’s right to be different and I offer the opportunity of a non-judgmental space to explore and facilitate change.